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With stops at the Auberge Chez Ignace and at the Gîte de la Gare

3 days 2 nights (All inclusive)

Transportation, luggage. On site dinner and breakfast in both Auberges.

Mont-Laurier Nominingue St-Faustin Saint Jérôme
Km 200 Km 142 km 69.5 Km 0

Transportation of persons and luggages included from St-Jérome to Mont-Laurier by Autobus Le Petit Train du Nord.

  • One luggage for 2 persons MAXIMUM 15Kg (34 lb.)
  • 1 night, a dinner and a breakfast at the Auberge Chez Ignace in Nominingue
  • 1 night, a dinner and a breakfast at the Gîte et Café de la Gare

Auberge Chez IgnaceGîte de la Gare


Rates (2018)
$305 / person, plus taxes in double occupancy
One luggage / person transportation: Extra $60

$432 plus taxes in single occupancy


For reservations: Auberge Chez Ignace (819) 278-0689 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.